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Wisnu Foundation was founded in 1993, in response to the environment problems in Bali, especially the waste produced by tourism industries. After reformation in Indonesia, since 1999 Wisnu has focused on environment management and community empowerment. Today, the focus of Wisnu’s programs are research and mapping, community empowerment, and information management of community resources.

The idea of Plastic Waste Pyramid came from Teguh Ostenrik, who was the pioneer of the established of Wisnu Foundation on 1993. Yes, plastic may be recycled into brick, however, some points need to be criticised:

  1. Is this recyling process safe?
  2. Does it make it more resilient?

In its first 6 years, Wisnu worked on various environment activities, from awareness to the application of environment management, especially waste. Environment is a living space while the community is its owner. Wisnu then decided to focus its activities on Community Resource Management (SDK), on its way to becoming Desa Hebat (Great Village)!!!

Wilayah Kerja: Bali.

Isu Strategis: environment management, community empowerment,

Alamat: Jl. Pengubengan Kauh No.94, Kerobokan – Kuta, Bali (80361)


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